See what Christian Roldan, an 8th Grade BTC student at St. Paul City School, has to say about Breakthrough!

1. If someone had never heard of BTC, what is the one thing you would say to help them understand what BTC does?

It’s a program that helps you learn academic skills. It helps you get out of your shell.

2. What motivated you to be a part of Breakthrough?

My sister is in Breakthrough! I also needed help because I was stuck in school. I thought that Breakthrough would help me more.

3. How has BTC impacted you?

It has helped me get out of my shell and not be shy, because everyone here is pretty outgoing and it made me feel comfortable to be myself.

4. Why have you stayed involved in BTC?

I think Breakthrough is fun. It was fun the first day and it’s still fun. Classes are not just about learning, my teachers make it fun and in different ways.

5. What is your favorite Breakthrough Code and why?

“Persist,” I just think it’s good, and it’s meaningful to me. It was a part of my life growing up because my teachers always told me to persist because sometimes I give up a little easily. So it’s encouraging to see my friends persisting at Breakthrough.

6. If you could give Breakthrough a shoutout, what would it be for?

I would give Breakthrough a shoutout for helping me get out of my shell, and for encouraging me not to give up even when something is hard.

Breakthrough Twin Cities

2051 Larpenteur Ave E, Saint Paul, MN 55109, USA