Check out what Lindsay Pluger, our Dean of Faculty, had to say about her time at BTC’s 2018 Summer Session in her interview below! Lindsay is currently a Program Coordinator at College Possible, working to support College Possible coaches in the Metro Area. 

1. Please tell me a little bit about your background! Where did you grow up, where did you attend high school, are you currently in college and if so where, what have been some subjects or potential careers you have been interested in, and how did you become interested in teaching?

I grew up in Shawano, WI and attended high school there at Shawano Community High School. After high school I attended the University of Wisconsin-River Falls for my undergraduate degree. From there, I graduated with a degree in Communication Studies and moved to Minneapolis, MN to pursue a career in nonprofits. Since learning more about nonprofits and leadership development through various age groups, finding organizations whose mission I can align myself with has been the focal point when searching for careers.

2. How did you become aware of Breakthrough, and why did you decide to get involved as a Dean?

I had worked with another youth-focused nonprofit that has partnered with Breakthrough, so over the past three years I’ve learned more about Breakthrough and programming specifics through those partnerships and friends that have gotten involved and participated in Breakthrough.

3. What did you enjoy most about your job as a Dean?

One of the things I enjoyed most was working with the Program Interns (PIs) and supporting them throughout the summer on various “behind the scenes” tasks. It’s great to interact with current Breakthrough students in another way.

4. Can you tell us about an experience working at Breakthrough that impacted you or sticks out in your mind?

There are a lot of things that come to mind, but one of the main things is the Breakthrough Leaders Program Retreat. Being able to go on that retreat and see students connect and grow in another setting outside of the classroom was an incredible experience. The students participated in and facilitated leadership, team building, and reflection activities for their peers from their own site but also combined groups of both MPA & SPC sites.

5. Where do you see yourself ten years down the line?

Ten years down the line I see myself either continuing to work in nonprofits or working at a university in their academic success or international student services offices.

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